Assist students to learn more in less time with greater ease and confidence

RGS has a dedicated  Learning Support (LS) Department undertaking majorly two roles.

Primary : Assist students to learn more in less time with greater ease and confidence.

Secondary : Support the class/subject teachers in the structuring, production and delivery of resources and teaching materials.

The Learning Support process can be summarized as follows :

  • Concern about a student could be raised by a teacher or parent that leads to information gathering by the LS teacher, meetings and discussions between School and parent/student.
  • School-based assessment will be conducted to identify students' strengths and weaknesses. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed and students with similar learning needs may receive special assistance in small group sessions, or in class support, as necessary. Agreement will be sought with the parents, student (if appropriate) and relevant teachers.
  • A review will take place and if necessary, external assessment will be recommended. This is usually the financial responsibility of the parents.
  • A new IEP will be developed and implemented based on the new recommendations.
  • Another review will take place. Based upon whether the student is in a situation where he/she continues to be less than successful in their education progress and if the School is unable to meet the specific learning needs of the student, a decision will then need to be made if the student should be withdrawn from RGS.