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Mr. Srinivas Velamuri

Ryan Global School has always focused on improving my daughter’s areas of development and puts a huge emphasis on supporting her individual strengths. My child has grown in a way that she never would have at another school due to this excellent individualized and sensitive environment. The teachers are considerate and nurturing. They provide rigorous academic challenges, as well as the tools and strategies needed to meet those challenges.

Mrs. Parveen Khan

At the outset let me congratulate Ryan Global School, Chembur, under the able Chairman Sir Dr A.F Pinto and Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto wholeheartedly for providing a truly child-centric, child-focused and child-friendly atmosphere.
It was refreshing to see our kids shine so brightly with confidence. This was exactly the training received here which benefitted my children. I am, indeed, deeply grateful for all the love poured into our children repeatedly over the years - they have truly flourished under the care, guidance and hard work provided.
My son had been in this school since 1st grade, his journey has been excellent, Ryan has built his personality and developed his mind in a way where now he is a global citizen, they’ve nurtured and cared for all their students since the beginning, not to forget about the opportunities that were provided, in every field, there’s something that you could do or take part in and you would see the results too. The teachers were very supportive and they took care of my child. He graduated from this school last year but he still misses RGS. The environment created was very comfortable. I’m thankful to the management of Ryan for all the support and training imparted.

Mrs. Prabha Vijaykrishnan

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Ryan Global School to have made Prithvi what he is today.
I would like to thank all the teachers and Principal from Grade 3, when he joined school then, to Grade 10 whoever was there earlier and who are there right now, for giving Prithvi all the help, guidance, confidence and inspiring him to fulfil his goals with hard work and dedication in whatever he wanted to do, be it in academics, music, sports etc. Thank you for taking our (parents and child’s) requests and at times many suggestions, on a positive note and trying to fulfil the same as as much as possible.
School is one of the important phases of a child’s life. Thank you for providing all that is required for a child to grow up in a disciplined manner. Thank you for taking that extra effort and the challenges you encouraged Prithvi to face to help him to become who he is today.
I truly appreciate and value everything that Prithvi has learned from the Teachers. It will forever remain a major contributor to his success and achievements. Lastly, Thank you once again for everything and wish all the very best to the school, teachers and Principal for the coming years. Thank you.


For me as a parent it was a new beginning with Ryan Global School. My daughter Tanishqa joined this school in the 8th grade. This was the year 2020 March when the whole country was going through the wave of the dreaded virus. We were running from school to school scouting for admissions as we were shifting our residence. It is with pride we say as parents that Ryan gave us the warmest welcome for admission with open hands. It's very difficult to get admission for higher grades but Ryan never had any qualms for giving us the same. The welcome we got from Dipali Madam was so heartwarming.
She made the process so easy and comfortable. Tanishqa also felt so much at home as it was from her we needed the 1st nod. She loved the school and showed her comfort from day one. It has been a great experience of a year at the school. The teachers have ensured that though physically the school never happened the children have never missed a single moment of not attending the school. Utmost care was taken for their online academics throughout the year. Teachers were friendly and approachable for all the issues. Great applause for the teachers, staff and management for such wonderful management. Proud to be the MOM of a Ryanite.

Mrs. Swati Patil

Inclusive schools are more a necessity than a choice. Cambridge, per say, has a curriculum that is well spaced and lucid. It is functional. Every child enjoys it. So the degree to which the needs of a child are met. Hence, customizations become much easier here than the general curriculum.
In my years of experience, I have interacted with children from various boards. The students of the Cambridge curriculum outperform others with their sheer thinking strategies and abilities. Greater flexibility, a parent-student joint decision on subject choices does make an impact in confidence-building.
The curriculum just trains them to be like that. It is a hope and a wish for my students, that more schools get inclusive like Ryan Global School, Chembur which will help them give a fair chance to prove their abilities with the same opportunities offered to every child on this planet.