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NARENDRA KAJALE - Ryan Global Schools, Kharghar


My son has graduated and my daughter is studying in 8th grade at Ryan Global School Kharghar. I take pride in stating that RGS Kharghar is one of the best places for 360 degree development of kids. I can see my son becoming street smart and a very good human being while studying in this school from Montessori to 12th ... total 15 years . Teachers are very supportive and the infrastructure is best in class at such schools. I strongly recommend all readers of this comment to consider RGS as your final destination !

IMTIAZ AHMAD SHAIKH - Ryan Global Schools, Kharghar


My two kids have already passed out from Ryan global school, Kharghar. One is being prepared for the same in the same school. The school has provided a safe and comfortable environment for our children. The school is engaging the students in programs and activities that encourage them to engage, question and analyse the world around them, Enrich their lives and form a love for learning. The teachers are always going out of their way to help and guide the kids. Even during this lockdown preparing kids for their boards was a tough job which teachers and ARCHANA MAM went out of their way and succeeded. I would like to thank the principal ,teachers and staff of Ryan global school for always guiding kids to becoming a good student and a good human being

VINAYAK SUDHAKAR - Ryan Global Schools, Kharghar

Vinayak Sudhakar

Dear Ryan High School Teachers (IGCSE and A level)
I write to you with immense gratitude for engaging with our children during this difficult time of COVID19. All your teachers deserve a special thanks for being so dedicated and patient to conduct the classes over zoom and clear all their queries. it has been very difficult for both the students and teachers yet Ryan School once again showed that , you can overcome any circumstance and deliver high quality education amidst chaos
Sincere thanks to Archana miss and her committed and energised teaching team.

SUJATA PARITI - Ryan Global Schools, Kharghar


My daughter Pranavi has been studying in Ryan Global School, Kharghar, since Grade 9. Coming from CBSE we thought the transition phase may be difficult, but to our great astonishment and relief Pranavi felt right at home with all the wonderful Teachers, Counsellor and Principal madam striving to shape her personality as well as help set her career goals.
Pranavi further did her A levels too from this school and am sure the hard work of the teachers and students will bear wonderful results not only for her but for all.
My younger daughter too is a prodigy of this school. We as parents are eternally grateful to Ryan Group of Schools for considering all the children as their own and moulding them via academics, extra-curricular - National as well as International level competitions and INMUN which at this stage itself helps them to understand at some level how the world is working to reach towards the set UN goals.
I am proud that my daughters are a part of the school who are turning their students into individuals who will be happy and responsible citizens of the future.

BABITA DAS - Ryan Global Schools, Kharghar

Babita Das

"Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make, makes you."
My family and I thank our stars as we look back to the time when we had to choose the right school for our only daughter, Angela. As a parent I combed through the surveys and ratings of various schools and finally zeroed in on RYAN GLOBAL, KHARGHAR.
"Choices are hinges of destiny" and our choice of the right school for our daughter opened the door to the best of all opportunities for her.
RYAN GLOBAL polishes the students in the truest sense.
The innovative pedagogy, the teacher to student ratio, the positive and persistent propelling by the teachers , to mention a few, are the factors which churn out successful students from RYAN GLOBAL. Identifying the potential of a student in a particular field and encouraging the student to excel while helping the student level up the other areas must have been the USP of this school. Students are offered a plethora of platforms to showcase their talents and sometimes these opportunities bring out the hidden talents from within.
The events like INMUN, International Youth Festival are monumental in shaping the child's personality holistically.
Ryan GLOBAL puts equal importance to both academic and extra academic activities, and prepares the child to "take on the world" with knowledge, confidence and panache.
I would like to convey special thanks to the management and the teachers for bringing out the best in my daughter.
Right after her O Levels, she went to Singapore to pursue her higher education.
At the age of 16, she managed to live alone in a new world and succeeded in her career pursuit.
Today as she shines bright as an Analyst in a MultiNational company, we keep blessing her Alma Mater for inculcating the values of a successful human being and churning out a real achiever.
I will remain indebted to Ryan Global forever.
Thank you
Babita Das
Mother of Angela Das( School of 2017)

MRS. PANDYA - Ryan Global Schools, Kharghar


The true experience of learning and growing together can be found only at Ryan Group of Institutions. I relinquished my child so trustful that I had cherished not only being a good student but also by enduring worldly life skills. For me it means the RIGHT decision.
Restoring knowledge all around with top most efforts and hard work by all the dedicated teachers.
Integrity in moral based education and cherishing constant learning and growing environment.
Goodwill ensures robust leadership and valuable grooming.
Honesty in teaching by all the highly qualified and helpful teachers also the support system of children.
Trustworthy and interesting way of teaching, ensuring each child’s capacity and empowering by helping to improve in its best category.
Seeing my child learn, grow and Shine with the excellent hard work of Ryan Global School Kharghar, makes me feel it's my right decision.