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Early years

Ryan Global School Andheri aims to provide students in Early Years with educational experiences that develop a positive approach to learning. In Early Years we provide a learning environment where students feel at home and are able to explore new concepts and ideas.

The early years as part of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) acknowledges the uniqueness of each student. We see each student as intelligent, resourceful and creative individuals who grow, develop and learn at different rates. At Ryan Global School Andheri, students explore their environment and learn through play with peers, teachers, family and community members. Early learning in the PYP is a balanced and holistic learning experience that integrates socio-emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Ryan Global School Andheri promotes play, discovery and exploration in our PYP classrooms.

Ryan Global School Andheri aims to provide students in Early Years - Ryan Global Schools

Play is an integral part of children’s lives and is a hallmark of children’s healthy development. The IB PYP program recognizes that play and inquiry go hand in hand. Research supports the effectiveness of the IB’s PYP in an early years setting. Play arises as a focus for development of language, social, cognitive and physical skill. Through interactions with other peer’s children develop social confidence and learn to regulate their behavior with a sense of independence. Language is acquired through pretend play where children use language to maintain the play episode, plan a story line and assign roles. Such pretend play allows children to generate multiple ways of expressing their thinking.

Each day, teachers collaborate to create an environment that promotes the play based approach from the outdoor classroom to the activities they participate in each day, our early years students experience this approach in many different modalities.

Example - Using play dough as their play vehicle, students practiced representing their ideas with the dough. Each day they reviewed pictures from the previous play dough session and discussed what they created, what they saw their friends create and ways that the dough could be moved and manipulated. This sparked inspiration in others to come up with new ideas and for students to think more deeply about what they are making. Each day, the creations became more detailed. On the first day, most rolled the dough into snakes or snails but by the fourth day there were necklaces, gas masks, bugs, and more. By utilizing play through the manipulation of play dough, students were able to deepen their thinking and expand their creativity to visually showcase a progression from simplistic molds to more elaborate ones.

At Ryan Global School Andheri, we believe in the play-based approach for our early years and we work to ensure that our students experience the breadth and depth of this approach to enhance their educational experience.

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Early Years @ Ryan Global School Andheri follows an inquiry focused, play-based curriculum that is child-centered and encourages independent learning in a warm, safe and caring environment. During the year, the children study four Units of Inquiry . These units are transdisciplinary meaning they include different subjects. The children also study Math and Language Arts and have specialist teachers for Dance, Music, PE, and Visual Arts. More information is sent to parents about curriculum as we move through the year. The curriculum is very different as there is not a textbook to study or follow. Many resources, books, materials and equipment are used to enhance the learning experience of students.

Early Years @ Ryan Global School Andheri follows an inquiry focused, play-based curriculum - Ryan Global Schools